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We provide comprehensive support and integration services to ensure your LMS is managed efficiently and effectively, enabling you to focus on delivering superior learning experiences.
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Expert administration

Navigating the Complexity of LMS Administration Can Overwhelm Even the Most Capable Teams. Managing a learning management system (LMS) requires a balance of technical expertise, constant updates, and user support, making it a daunting task for organizations aiming to focus on their core mission of delivering exceptional learning experiences.

Frequent system updates, technical glitches, and the integration of new functionalities often detract from the real purpose of your LMS: to facilitate seamless learning and development. Imagine the frustration of dealing with unexpected downtime during critical training sessions, or the hours spent troubleshooting when you could be developing the next groundbreaking course. These issues not only strain your resources but also compromise the quality of education you provide.

Lernevate’s Managed Services is the Ideal Solution. By taking over the comprehensive management of your LMS, we address these challenges head-on. Our team of experts ensures your system operates flawlessly, integrates the latest features seamlessly, and scales to meet your evolving needs. We handle the technical side so you can devote your energy to what you do best: creating and delivering courses that inspire and educate.

Hassle-Free Administration

Free your team from the intricacies of LMS management. Lernevate takes the reins, handling everything from routine maintenance to complex system updates. Experience the ease of expertly managed services and invest your valuable time in core learning initiatives instead.

Optimized System Performance

Elevate your LMS with our Managed Services. We don't just maintain; we enhance. Our team ensures your platform operates at peak efficiency, implementing cutting-edge features and optimizations that drive learner engagement and educational excellence.

Strategic Learning Development

With Lernevate's Managed Services, your focus shifts from managing technology to maximizing talent. Unlock your organization’s learning potential as we empower you with the freedom to innovate, develop, and deliver transformative learning experiences that set you apart.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our team of experts can support any LMS (i.e. Cornerstone, Workday, Docebo, etc.)

Absolutely. Our team is not only flexible to your organization's unique needs but is also equipped to handle special projects and provide extra capacity whenever necessary. Whether it’s taking on full administration duties, stepping in during peak seasons, or assisting with specific initiatives, the Lernevate team is dedicated to helping your organization achieve its learning and development objectives with added support and expertise.

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